ÜBERLOON This is Newcastle band Überloon pulling their “and relax” pose. A band with a name like Überloon were never going to succeed with plodding meat and potatoes indie, were they? And – thankfully – they don’t even try, wiring themselves into something far more interesting. Case in point is their new single, Doctor Eye, which is as eccentric as a man trying to traverse a river in a top-hat. Using a grab-bag of instruments – South African bass, marimba Thai gongs, vibraphone banjo, accordion, etc - it sounds not unlike something from a 1930s tea-dance where the tea has been spiked with something stronger than Darjeeling. They have a real percussive charm, a charm that has seen them being asked to perform at the Secret Garden Festival and Glastonbury, as well as to create music for film and theatre Crack Magazine.